You will no longer just weed guava leaves. You will be shocked to know the benefits

Guava is a very medicinal leaf. Many problems can be solved by using guava leaves. Pear leaves also contain calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A. Betel leaves are good for many types of diabetes. It is also beneficial for people with cholesterol. It is also beneficial for dandruff, which is a major problem that is seen more and more today.

It is not only good for health but also good for facial beauty. Wash the guava leaves well, crush them, put them in five glasses of water and boil them. Drinking boiled water every morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial for people with cholesterol and diabetes. Also drinking it daily instead of tea is good for digestive problems and acidity.

After crushing three pear leaves, boil some water with turmeric powder and turmeric powder and swish it in your mouth to cure mouth sores. Also, applying boiled water with guava leaves on the head will help to get rid of dandruff. It also helps in getting good sleep. Pouring cold boiled water with guava leaves is also beneficial for those suffering from mental stress and heat in the head.

It is good to use guava to get rid of acne and dark spots on the face. Crushing guava leaves into a paste and adding some curd and chickpea powder to it and applying it on the face helps in getting rid of acne and dark spots on the face. Guava is the solution to many such problems. A positive change can be achieved through these methods that we can easily do ourselves. Everyone can use it and it is very useful. Watch the video below for more information.