Just do this exercise to get rid of knee pain easily

Often due to knee pain, the shape of the knee itself has changed, and there are many people who walk with a stick and are on the brink of knee replacement surgery. This is because in the early stages of knee pain it is not taken seriously. But you should know how to prevent knee pain in the first stage. Knee pain when climbing stairs are early symptoms.

If you are overweight, weight control is essential. Calcium and vitamin D are essential for us. Knee pain due to wear and tear can be prevented initially with small exercises. The main purpose of the exercises is to ease the contraction and expansion of the muscles around our knees and hips. A good exercise for this is to lie down as usual and place a stretching ball.

or round pillow under the knee and raise the sole of the foot. After 10 seconds, drop it. Do this 15-20 times once. Do this twice a day, morning and evening. Then take the item to the upper part and stretch there with the knee down. Doing these small exercises every day prevents wear and tear on the knee.

Avoid engaging in heavy activities in the early stages of knee wear. Second thing is to wear something like knee cap, this prevents any kind of injury to the knee. If there is any kind of injury to the knee, minor pain relievers like paracetamol can be taken for five to ten days. If the knee pain worsens, seek medical advice. Watch the video below to know more.