Just drink this juice for 30 days and the fat in the liver will be 0%. Fatty liver can be reduced.

Fatty liver is a major problem seen in many people today. Fatty liver is one of the most common lifestyle diseases. It is estimated that up to 30% of people have fatty liver. Boys as young as 12 have fatty liver. The liver regulates our body’s metabolism. Temperature is regulated by the liver. Liver removes any kind of toxins from our body.

Fatty liver is not noticed in the first stage and when proper care is not given, liver cirrhosis is caused later. It is a common misconception that liver cirrhosis is caused by alcohol consumption alone. But diet is also a factor. Eating a lot of junk food such as fast food can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. Acetaldehyde in alcohol causes fatty liver and subsequent liver cirrhosis.

Fatty liver can be classified into three categories. 8% fat accumulation is grade 1, 10 to 12% fat accumulation is grade 2, and 15% fat accumulation in the liver is grade 3. Liver cirrhosis comes later. To prevent this, if you drink alcohol, stop it completely, avoid smoking and watch your diet. Avoid transfat foods like dalda and vanaspati. Cut back on bakery foods, reduce carbohydrates and increase protein intake. Pay attention to things like eating salads, drinking plenty of water and exercising.

To avoid fatty liver, for the first 10 days, put two or three small onions and curry leaves in half a glass of buttermilk and mix it and eat it. Boil one and a half teaspoon of barley powder in a glass of water and drink it for the next 10 days. For the next ten days, add some gooseberry, curry leaves and turmeric powder to Parihas water and drink it like eight juice. By doing this, those with grade one and grade two can be completely prevented. Watch the video below to know more.