These are the things to do to reduce belly after delivery

One of the doubts many women have is why the belly doesn’t go down after giving birth. Many people are surprised that the baby’s stomach does not go down even after giving milk well. The reason for some is that it is put. But there is a good reason behind this. This is called diastolic rectal. Belly fat is the fat produced when the six-pack muscle develops.

When we are pregnant, this will increase. Normally after delivery it should come together normally. But 90% of women don’t get muscle mass like this. This is because they are not exercising properly. These muscles return to normal after delivery for those who exercise properly. It’s easy to check if you have this condition.

For that, after lying down as usual, press three fingers on the navel. Press down and hold firmly. Then slowly recover. Then there will be a pit, and if you can see the muscles flaring on both sides, it means you have diastasis rectisis. It can also be seen in men. Diastasis rectisis is the cause of umbilical hernia in men. This happens when the six pack muscles develop.

As the gap between it narrows or the busses become happy, the umbilical cord decreases. Then these problems will change. There are exercises to do every day for 15-20 minutes. If you do this after delivery, the gap between the muscles will shrink and the belly will decrease. Just doing a little exercise can help us lose weight after delivery. Watch the video below to know more about this and get doctor’s advice.