Diabetes can be controlled in these ways.

About 40% of people today have diabetes. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 Type 1 is more common in children. 90% of adults have type 2. We can see some symptoms even before the onset of diabetes. Obesity is one of them. Half of the food we eat should be vegetables. The other half is usually 25% protein and 25% grains.

Vegetables are very low in calories. Eating in this way can reduce the risk of sugar spikes. Oil bites are what we eat the most these days and it is best to avoid them completely. It is good to have something like a fiber-rich biscuit in between with regular meals. Another important thing is exercise. Exercise should be done regularly for half an hour five days in a week.

It is very beneficial for health. Being genetically predisposed to diabetes. If the parents have diabetes, they should be tested and treated immediately. You should test your sugar at least once a week. Sugar can also affect other organs in our body. In men, if the neck measurement is more than 40, the risk of diabetes is high. In women it will be 30.

Similarly, if the measurement around our belly is 80, women are more likely to develop diabetes, while in men, it is 90. It is very good to notice these kinds of things. It is mandatory for people over 30 years of age to get tested for blood pressure. A proper diet helps reduce the risk of diabetes. We can prevent diabetes to some extent by regular exercise and diet. If we adopt this way for that, we can see the change immediately. Watch the video below for more information.