There is a permanent solution to allergies. Allergies can be completely removed.

Allergies are a problem that bothers many people. Allergies are caused due to hyper-sensitivity to any substance and problems in our immune system often cause such difficulties. Any substance like dust, pollen, sun, metal, etc. can cause allergy, but it is not these substances with atoms that cause allergy. Seasonal allergies are common.

One of the most common types of allergies is morning sneezing and runny nose. Viruses are the main reason for this. The main thing to do is to boost the immune system. CBC or complete blood count test is the first test done after allergy. Eschnophil is usually elevated in allergic conditions. IgE test should also be done.

After doing this, we can confirm whether we have allergies. Once this is conformed, if we try to reduce the level of Ig we can see all the symptoms or allergies decrease. The first thing we need to do is boost our immune system and take care of other things to prevent infection. This can reduce allergies.

It is good to use ginger, pippalli and black pepper. In cases of excess curcumin, it can be seen to give effective results, so use these things. Getting enough vitamin D can also prevent allergy problems. Many people are deficient in vitamin D even though they can get vitamin D by looking at it. Pay attention to these things. Watch the video below to know more.