Do you feel stressed after doing this? Be aware of the reason.

Ever heard of trichotillomania? It is a type of impulse control disorder. It is a condition where you have a strong urge to do something, do it and find relief from it, and then feel very stressed about it. It can be seen in many ways. This type of tendency occurs when there is a lot of tension or when one cannot concentrate on something.

A behavior in which one pulls their own hair falls into this category. It is common for many people to pull and break their hair when there is too much tension. It will take a lot of pain, but it helps to relieve the tension or urge at that time, so do these exercises again and again. This affects their social life significantly. When they are in a crowd during any function.

they get stressed when they pull their hair and don’t break it, and that’s why they do this. People who do this kind of thing have self-awareness and feel that doing this kind of thing will take away the pain and that there is no need to do it, but they cannot change themselves. Such people can completely change this by seeing a psychologist and counseling them.

It is essential that these types of disorders are treated by a good psychologist. People come to these types of problems due to mental stress or work load. Otherwise, these types of problems arise due to habits that are formed at a young age. This affects their skills, overall performance and their potential. Of course it is better for such people to seek counseling. This way they can change it. Watch the video below to learn more.