Know if you have thyroid at home Do these things for a complete change

Thyroid gland is one of the important glands in our bodyToday, thyroid disease is more common especially in women. The thyroid plays a role in the metabolic functions of the body. Gland related diseases like hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism reuter etc. Hyperthyroidism is also known as hyperthyroidism. There is a decrease in thyroid hormone levels in people with hyperthyroidism.

This causes other functions in our body to decrease. After delivery, hypothyroidism is also seen in women. It can be seen that it changes after months. Lethargy, lack of sleep, fatigue, hair loss, menstrual problems in women, constipation, infertility and stunted growth in children are all major symptoms of hypothyroidism. The symptoms are often not immediately recognized.

Hypothyroidism can be identified during tests. Excessive appetite, infertility, mental difficulties in children, feeling more hot in the body, etc. are all symptoms of hyperthyroidism. People with hyperthyroidism have high levels of thyroid hormones and low levels of TSH. Thyroid problems can be controlled to some extent through diet. Minimize consumption of soybeans, cauliflower cabbage, peanuts, kappa cassava etc. In addition, the consumption of fish such as crab, clams and shrimps should also be reduced.

Instead, it is very good to include eating small fish such as sardines in the diet. It is good to eat milk and dairy products. It is also useful to eat fruits that our body needs. Also, proper exercise helps to prevent our many health problems. At least five days of exercise should be practiced. A proper diet and eating time are very important. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is mandatory. To know more, watch the video below