Eat this food to prevent diabetes

There are very few people today who do not have lifestyle diseases. Most of them have diabetes. There are two main reasons for diabetes. It also mainly includes lifestyle and diet. One of the reasons for this is the starchy foods we eat and sweets like bakery. Diabetes is divided into three stages: type one, type two, and type three. Type two is the most common type of diabetes.

People who are overweight are more likely to develop diabetes. If you are overweight it is imperative to reduce it as it causes many health problems. This type of disease occurs when the body has more sugar than it needs. The first thing to do is to choose a proper diet. Half percent should be vegetables.

A quarter of this is cooked vegetables and a quarter is uncooked vegetables and the other half is protein and grains. Proteins like eggs, peas, chickpeas and grains like a cup of rice chapati are what we need a day. If we choose this type of diet, we can control most of the health problems ourselves.

Foods like rice containing starches are the main cause of sugar increase in our body, so these foods should be reduced from our diet. Diabetes is a disease, so by controlling diabetes, other diseases can be controlled. Exercising is very good for our body and health. We can reduce diabetes through this type of diet and lifestyle changes. To know more, watch the video below