Just take this gel to change everything from memory loss to cholesterol

Lifestyle causes various diseases to us. Cholesterol is one of the main ones. There is a risk of heart attack due to cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol, bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is the cause of many of our health problems. Cholesterol is not a disease to be taken lightly.

Cholesterol causes a variety of health problems such as memory loss, blood clots, and body aches. Usually we hear that people with cholesterol should not eat eggs. But eating eggs in moderation does not cause any kind of problems. Egg white is good for the body. It is better to avoid milk products like milk to some extent.

We can take easy steps at home to prevent cholesterol. Aloe vera has many medicinal properties. Eating aloe vera gel with a little turmeric powder helps reduce cholesterol. It is very good to include red cloves of garlic in the diet. It is also useful to eat it as a salad with red onion. Eating chopped red onion in olive oil is a good way to eat it. It helps to reduce cholesterol by 90%. Eat a lot of vegetables and leafy greensIt’s great to include. It is good to eat fruits and nuts rich in vitamin C like almonds.

Eating dates is good for people with diabetes, it is recommended to eat it once a week. Boiling curry leaves water and drinking it gives good health benefits. Make it a habit to eat sprouted pulses. Include small fish like sardines and aila in your diet. Turmeric, ginger and black cumin can cure many diseases in our body. It is best to drink it with water. We can prevent health problems like cholesterol through this type of proper diet. Watch the video below to know more.