Does knee pain go away completely? It is important to know these things

Knee pain is a major problem faced by many people today. Knee pain is mainly caused by wear and tear on the bonesReasons to make But there are many other reasons. Our knee joint consists of two bones. There will be a gap in between. It is made up of a joint called a synovial joint. The wear and tear occurs first in what is called the overlying cartilage.

Wear occurs when the fluid between them decreases and friction between them increases. Cracking sound while walking is due to this dampness. People with rheumatism have swelling instead of sound. It is generally said that this occurs in people with advanced age. But people who work well and have good control over their diet do not experience this kind of difficulty.

Salts like calcium and phosphorus give strength to bones. But vitamin D deficiency affects it indirectly. As it is, calcium and phosphorus are only absorbed if vitamin D is present. Various types of salts can be obtained from foods such as non-veg pulses. Therefore, it is important to include such foods in our daily routine. It is very good to eat something like lentils, especially when it is sprouted, it is very good for the body. Trans fat is not good. Eating fried and fried foods is not good. These foods should be included to increase bone strength.

Exercise Exercise methods like cycling are a good way to build muscle strength. Likewise, our stomach health should be improved. Gut health is essential especially for diseases like gout. For that increase the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. Probiotics are an acceptable food for this. The proper way is to find out which salt we are deficient in and give it. More details are available in the following video