Let’s see what are the 10 symptoms to recognize cancer. What you should do if you have symptoms

Cancer is divided into several stages and if cancer is detected in the first stage, the patient can be treated easily and the disease can be easily reversed. When there are few symptoms that the body shows when there is cancer, it should be confirmed if it is cancer. If the first symptom is anemia, the amount of hemoglobin in the body decreases rapidly and without reason.

the second is the obstruction of respiration. Blood in the sputum when coughing is also part of it. A third symptom is sudden weight loss without any other illness or cause. Another symptom is blood while urinating, blood in the urine. Or there is obstruction while urinating. A symptom associated with sthanar is the sudden appearance of lumps in places.

small and large lumps. Bleeding from the anus, constipation, or irregular bowel movement and blood instead. A symptom of prostate cancer is the formation of lumps in the testicles and associated constipation. In situations where menses have stopped and menses occur again, it should be confirmed as menses.

See the doctor if there is anything special about the moles that appear on the body and suddenly increase in size due to cockroaches. Another symptom is any kind of change in the mouth, other than that there are sores that do not change for weeks, there is a change in color and there is a difference in voice. Any of these symptoms should be investigated. Show the doctor, tell the symptoms correctly and share your doubts with the doctor. It is essential to do the tests as prescribed by the doctor. Watch the video below to know more about it.