It is enough to reduce its production in the body to avoid premature aging

Until recently, wrinkles on the skin and graying of the hair come to the elderly. But today this condition can be seen in young people. The reason for this is the increase in AGE or advanced glycation end products. When AGE accumulates in the body, it causes rapid aging. Because when its production increases, the skin suddenly becomes wrinkled. This is due to the change in our diet, protein sugar combinations, fat and sugar combinations, increasing food in these combinations can cause aging. Protein Sugar Combination We usually eat more rice and fish curry.

or eat more meat and other than it is better to eat more rice and vegetables, this pattern has changed to eating more rice and meat. In this type of combinations, the production of AGE increases in the body when the food intake increases. Dryness occurs even after bathing, and some people’s eyes are dry all the time. We eat enough food at a time but this happens. The main reason for this is that even though we eat food, our body does not absorb it. Stomach problem is the main reason for this. Gut issues are the reason why the body feels dry.

Intestines, thyroid and liver problems are the cause of all kinds of damage related to the skin. A major cause of dry skin is gluten intolerance. Flour, rusk, and bread are high in gluten. Most people are allergic to milk. Everyone consumes milk without knowing it. It is milk that causes allergies, not dairy products. If the legs are itchy while sitting, even though they are itchy at night, they are allergic to milk and wheat. There are people who drink some water to avoid the dry condition of the body and there are people who eat fruit.

Although this is good, it must be taken as a prebiotic to be absorbed by the body. Foods high in fiber, oily foods, and bananas are prebiotics. It is very good for improving stomach health. Vitamin D is another essential ingredient for healthy skin. Supply it properly. Watch the video below to know more.