If you put this on the body, it will move

Skin tags that appear in various places on the body, called warts, are a problem for both men and women. The reason for the presence of warts in many parts of the body is the folds in some parts of the body. Sometimes the lice do not cause any pain in the body, except that there is a slight pain when the tip is pulled. The method of pulling and tearing to break it is not right.

One of the important reasons for this is the excessive production of insulin inside our body, and the skin folds are caused by friction. There is no exact reason for this, but obesity, cholesterol and metabolic syndrome are the causes of this. Similarly, using rolled gold is a problem. People who use rolled gold also see more of this type of warts on their body.

Similarly, excessive increase in triglyceride levels in our body can lead to acne. Due to PCOD, the back of the neck becomes dark, i.e. there is more accumulation of mucus and friction due to which it occurs. If you go to the hospital, you can remove it using the Elektro Cortez method or you can put dry ice, which you can get from a medical store, and you can see it moving.

In Ayurveda, if you use indra oil and apply it here, you will see this change. But if our metabolic prayers are not done properly, it can come again, so the important thing is to do things in a way that the metabolic function is done correctly. Watch the video below to know more.