Eat this vegetable if you want to have a healthy stomach.

Most people think of bad microbes when they hear bacteria. There are many discussions, debates and receptions about gut bacteria. As some may know, the stomach also has good bacteria. Most of our body’s problems are due to the fluctuation of these bacteria in the stomach. That is, as a result of the increase of bad bacteria in the stomach and the decrease of good bacteria.

various problems arise. There are good and bad bacteria. If we put why the stomach increases, it is because of our eating habits. Bad bacteria accumulates in the stomach due to soft fast foods, junk food and alcohol consumption. It also reduces the number of good bacteria in the stomach. This causes many problems for us.

Even if the vitamins and formate nutrients we need reach our stomach, we need to have a lot of good bacteria in our stomach to absorb them. If you want to increase the number of good bacteria in your stomach, you have to eat good foods. Prebiotic foods and probiotic foods are very good foods to increase the number and reduce the bad ones.

Probiotics such as curd and elderberry are very good. Another important food is vendakka, which is a good prebiotic food, which is included in the diet in large quantities to increase the number of good bacteria in our stomach. Pay close attention to our eating habits. It is better to avoid soft drinks like Sting and Coca-Cola b. Be more careful about food. Improve stomach health. Pay attention to these things. Watch the video below to know more.