Be aware of complications if this SR level is elevated in the blood.

ESR level is one of the things that they are asked to check when there are various types of infection. ESR is commonly referred to as Erosion Sedimentation Rate. If there is any kind of infection in the blood or body, the ESR level is likely to increase. ESR levels are likely to rise despite any type of swelling. If this SR is more than 30, it can be confirmed that there are rheumatic diseases.

Difficulty and pain felt from brushing teeth and holding glass are all symptoms. It affects all joints of the body, starting from knees and shoulders. It started with small difficulties or pain and then it will continue to be a good pain. People from two years old to 80 years of age can get gout. Mostly, gout is seen in women.

Chronic fatigue, lethargy, and feeling like you have a fever are all symptoms of gout. The most important symptom is pain and swelling in the joints. If you see such symptoms, you should not take them lightly, but it is mandatory to choose the right treatment methods. It is better to recognize the symptoms and choose treatment early because over time this leads to more joints and more.

complications. ESR is usually found to be elevated in people with gout. Most people turn to pain relievers and medications for this type of pain and discomfort, but this is a wrong approach. Try to eat a lot of chicken meat and eat it at a time and reduce it. Tulsi juice is good to drink and eat. It is good to eat at least one cup of rice every day. It is good to include fruits like oranges and grapes in the diet. Also note that good sleep is essential. Watch the video below to know more.