Adding facial beauty is no longer a problem. You can whiten your face in 30 minutes.

We take many ways to enhance our beauty. We choose various beauty products, creams and treatments to enhance our body color. Often, using these products can cause other side effects. But we can easily whiten our face at home without adding any chemicals. This one pack is not something we need to do every day. If we do this on our face one day.

then we need to do it again only after two weeks. After doing this two or three times, you will have permanent color on your face. The first thing you need to make a face pack is to take an egg in a cup. Egg also contains a lot of protein, so it helps to keep the face young. Pour half a cup of lemon juice into it. If you don’t like lemon on your face, you can use tomato juice instead.

Mix these two well and then heat it.Stir it well for two minutes.When it becomes a good paste we can keep it aside. Then we can use it on the face and all parts of the body. Before applying it on the face or on the hands or feet, it should be washed and cleaned thoroughly. After applying it, we can wash it off after 20 minutes or half an hour.

You can see the change as soon as you wash it off. It is also a method that everyone can use and it is very quick to make. If you want to increase the color of your body, you just need to choose this very useful method. Watch the video below to know more.